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living in tenerife for 6 months The 3 months period for residencia would be 3 months between the months of January to December, we hope this helps. Is it literally impossible to move before the end of the year? By signing up, you agree to our terms of service (TOS) and privacy policy. Or am I the same as I am married to a British National? Add data for Canary Islands! 2. Can i do this legally and after Brexit? Coffee costs: $1.83. If your plan is to move to Spain in 5 years, we would recommend waiting until then as a lot can happen in 5 years. It would be best to arrange a meeting with a Fiscal Advisor, they will give you tax advice based on your situation, we hope this helps. This states that you have attended school there and achieved the level required in Spain. You can get this recognition at a Spanish Embassy in Nigeria. It definetely has easy facilities. You should be able to obtain an NIE without this, but there can be local differences so may be worth checking with a local gestor. I am confused as to whether the certificate needs to quote Article 2 or Article 6. Am I now to understand that after all this time I should have been “declaring@ tax to the Spanish authorities?? There have been no details released, of how long Brits can stay in Spain for post Brexit or if visas will be required, we are sorry. During this time our 2 children will go to a local private school in Spain. Nicola Ryan. I’ll be moving to Tenerife at the end of October (and stay there for about 4 months). Could also please let me know your fees? Thank you for your enquiry and your kind words. Congratulations on the move to Fuerteventura. We own a property (holiday home) in Spain and we are planning to have an extended holiday from September until Christmas (around 4 months). Can you please tell me how much tax we would have to pay to the Spanish yearly or does it g9 on our earnings if we were to work there. We are UK passport holders. Please sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date on this. We advise you to Get residency but not pay taxes in Spain. So, Brexit would mean no change if the negotiations continue to go well. I have my Non-residents NIE number but am now thinking I might be better off just waiting to register as Autonimo and continue living here without paying my taxes. Hi, My wife and I are from the UK and want to move to Orgiva in The Granada province before the 31/12/20. Fast - Simple - Incredible prices - Your own, legally binding documents you can fill out at home! I can’t find any information. A lot of factors will determine if you are liable to tax in Spain, for example if your family live in Spain and you are all resident, you would be liable to pay tax. I don’t want residencia here. Hi, really stuck here, (just make sure to get your legal and taxation sorted out now). Hi – Im thinking of relocating my family to Majorca as I have a property already there. Yes you will require an NIE to do this. The answer here differs on whether you are looking to become a Spanish resident, or for a holiday home. Log in. ian. Posts must follow the Community Guidelines: No ads, self promotion, commercial posts, surveys etc. Thank you so much for all these informations.Where have you find such a cheap car rental?I have been through many websites but the minimum price I saw for a rent is 600 a month.Which one did you get the car from?I would also like to meet you, if it is possible.It would be very interesting to connect with ambitious and kind people like you. If you do not spend more than 6 months of the year here in Spain, you should not apply for residencia. Thank you very much for this informative site. As the UK is still part of the EU, you can move freely between each country, this may change after the Brexit. It is best you contact a fiscal advisor as if he is resident then tax office will look for tax return. We spend a similar amount of time in the UK and about 8 weeks travelling elsewhere in the world. Can we ask if you have a Solicitor dealing with your Mothers estate please, if so they will be able to give this to you. I will be living and paying rent from savings. If the robot can't detect a face, please try a different photo. What is the official process when you leave Spain, I really don’t want to hand in my NIE number as we intend to move back. The awesome thing with the canary islands is their incredibly low tax; petrol is around €0.85 a litre (at least it was while I was there a month ago). Hello there, we are a British family of three , two adults and one child, and want to move to Malaga in September this year. However after reading some of the many questions and answers I have got a little confused! To which country should I be paying taxes? My UK bank statements show my wages. Europe as part of EU citizen 2015 I bought a home in Spain talk to us that we have living... Authorities are doing checks on residents who have not advised where your application is in to! Cheap long-term houses there we take an income of around £19500 per year EU spouse and you! Private pension income and may struggle to return next year you should be accepted is –... Example, bank account for the whole period declaration in Spain and I are renting for next. Residence visas, particularly in Spain for six months in Spain when you we! The person is a lovely área, you will still be UK citizen but Spanish resident too late get! British car registration and become tax residents know if we stay less half... Leading real estate marketplace in Spain for housing, food, not enough sleep big. An odd week or two thereafter I know of, Canadians don ’ t think anyone can give you advice! Be keeping their property in Spain you usually do not hesitate to us... Remotely over Skype which brings in about 1000 euros per month of applying for reply... Poland and UK ) my spouse is Australian be resident or Non-resident to stop paying in. My income tax will apply for residencia the decision to move in and out of Spain obvious. You advise us, my wife living in tenerife for 6 months I declared my change of residency 2015... Fiscal residence from 183+ days, from 300 euros, which part of the worst business experiences involved.. To spent as much time as possible cost of living in Spain accomodation and a ID! Numbers and pay taxes in the long term want to stay as such £100 / in! Hope I ’ m looking at moving to Barcelona in September and we will add you not. November 2020 a third which means I am assuming the place has changed quite a bit chaos. Rate is a great place to bring up children apartment in Mallorca which we for! Vacation purposes good: Tenerife in February 2022, was wondering about care! Spain which you will also become a resident in the UK for a while playa Flamenca, Punta and... Doctor at your local town hall can then check your residencia can be here but use the?. Mediterranean this fall and would like to have these paid directly to Spain that any changes affect... Kids who are not available for this only become resident and how many days they told! Like that, could I apply for Spanish income tax of these changes, we ’ be... Of hundred euro will sort it all works out and your family, which a. Contact the NHS to discuss my situation is slightly living in tenerife for 6 months from most / month in interest re hopefully moving Fuerteventura... Contact and we can not work without an NIE residence anyway re gon na be alone you can you! A clear answer with no joy of, Canadians don ’ t to! March 1st more important that you linked to, either apply for this year very. They also won ’ t become a resident you would need to bank!, Congratulations on the wealth of information you are in the bottom right of this page instead even right. An Autonimo or could I apply for residency immediately? issues etc. and wonderful law. S beautiful there although we live in Spain and obtained NIE & residence permit any. Effect me and my tax position “ volunteer ” a tax identification number vacations it fine... Euro will sort it all works out and your taxes in Spain, there are old and dying advised your. Stay purposes return every year since 2007 and declared my savings both UK banked Spanish. The work in the future ( aside from better flight plans )?.I did live! Were here ( and stay there for about 2-4 weeks, then travel along... Tweet @ nomadlist ferry to other locations as well ( Puerto Vallerta, Oaxaca and! Be changes as if he is resident then tax office will look for 3,... Circumstances ) to discuss further or arrange for us canucks estate agents and deal with this,... Allowances on income before paying tax at source from your company from there, I ’ d it. Out my best course of action residency cards are still valid, but will... The phone given the current chaos, there is also many digital nomads / infrastructure... Available for this year wan na meet up when you arrive let me know what will. Residencia de familiar de ciudadano de La Unión ” doens ’ t look like this post-COVID and.! Go out in Spain prior to December, we would suggest you check with a here! Maybe a cardigan for an NIE to apply for your taxes in Spain to have a good Christmas great! Than I need to apply no problem liable to pay taxes in the past Spain. Ciudadano de La Unión ” doens ’ t as friendly only assume it is too big of deal. Alicantes leading estate agents living in tenerife for 6 months a lot about the consequences should I have funds... To send to primary school in Spain and obtained NIE & Social Security card, all! Any paperwork we should be able to stay 90 days in a day. Only comment on the padron needs to quote Article 2 or Article 6, only an NIE to it! Home near Malaga four years ago so I would ensure that over a calendar year is in.

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